To Lotteria, nothing is more important than satisfying customers to their heart

As the leading fast food restaurant in Korea

Lotteria's corporate values are dedicated to creating a new dietary life for the people and delivering customer satisfaction.

Smile, caring service and appreciating short but valuable moments with customers

Rapid service tolerating no wait time to customers

Neat and stylish store environment

Top-quality product

Lotteria, care for customers, environment and future

Lotteria thinks customers and the environment ahead of anything else and sets its eyes to the future.
Lotteria provides better dietary life to help people live in joy and comfort
Lotteria upholds a corporate culture helping each other for common growth

Lotteria will take care of what we eat

Future of what we eat
Lotteria assures safe and reliable food consumption to customers by using only fresh and nutritious ingredients.

Customers future
Catching up with well-being trend and customers' need with agility, Lotteria provides best products and service in a sophisticated store interior to give smiles to customers.

Future of environment
Campaign promoting use of non-disposables and voluntary efforts to use less disposables is part of our effort to preserve the environment.

Future of community
Lotteria's sponsor for Seoul National University Children's Hospital, social welfare facilities and campaign to create a better world giving helping hands to our neighbors in need are emphatic of its care for the community.

Future of local dining industry
As the leading local fast food franchise that set a new landmark by launching the Korean-style beef burger and rice burger, Lotteria is committed to challenging the status quo and creating a better dining culture.